LoFff started in 2005, for girls from 3 months to 16 years old, who love elegant and often festive clothing. LoFff also has a lot of fans abroad, especially Ireland and Germany. But even in Japan you can find LoFff girls! LoFff is for girls. For girls who dance. For girls who play. For girls who discover. But especially for girls having fun. In life and in oneself. LoFff is for parents. For parents who love their daughters. For parents who are aware that children are not small adults, but a kind of their own. And who want to enjoy it. For as long as it lasts. LoFff is a feeling. How often do we hear that people discover the brand and have fallen in love. Whether they live in Oslo, Moscow, Cork or in Waalre. Or stories of children, who no longer want to take off their clothes, but prefer to sleep in them. Who dance through life with their floating skirts. LoFff does something to you. If you are open to it. LoFff is sweet. Sweet for the girls who wear it - nice and soft, easy to put on and take off, comfortable. Nice for parents who buy it and who have to wash it. Kind to the people we work with and who we love.

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