Little Miss Juliette

Little Miss Juliette is a cool, playful and colorful clothing brand for girls aged 4 to 14 that falls in the middle segment in terms of price and can be placed on the top shelf in terms of quality. Little Miss Juliette - with a measuring bow from 98-104 to 158-164 - takes you into the world of this uninhibited but mischievous girl. A stubborn "jump-in-the-field" who prefers to be a real lady every now and then.

This way Juliette knows very well what she likes and dislikes or attracts. Very recognizable for many parents and grandparents? That is why so many people, and especially the little "misses" of this world, run away with Juliette. Towards the tree house, "party" or the stage ... "look at me, I rock the world"

Little Miss Juliette is an initiative of Beebielove. LMJ also has a little brother, namely Jumping The Couch.
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