Founded in 2014 by two passionate people, L&P Apparel quickly stood out with its unique style, its own shade of colors, its lifestyle, its originality, and above all, the exclusivity of its products.

The L&P Universe offers a unique brand to the enthusiasts who wishes to be authentic and adopt a lifestyle that reflects their image… LIFESTYLE & PASSION is more than just two words, it's who we are and how we do things! It's an eloquent lifestyle that includes each individual as they are with respect and embrace diversity.

Did you know?


Absolutely all of our products are fully thought out, developed, and designed by our creative team? Hard work and incalculable thoroughness are how we bring our product from an idea to something concrete. The entire development behind each of our hat sizes, including the adapted brim measurements of all our models, was carried out with an innovative mindset to offering our products to all, no matter the age or the size to meet our customer's needs.All our fabrics are made exclusively for the brand, like each piece of every collection we offer. Every detail, no matter how small, is thought out and created by L&P with the desire of offering collections that are not only visually highly appealing but of high quality and effective, while respecting L&P's DNA. Our technical products are created by people who are also parents, therefore knowing the needs to be met to satisfy the daily and active life of all.


Our vision is simple: we want to make a DIFFERENCE!

A difference through our actions by giving back to the community;
A difference in the way we do business in the most human way, with our customers and partners;
A difference in our products, by offering exclusivity and originality.


Our values:

We, L&P, are RESPECTFUL towards everyone, whether they are friends, colleagues, customers, suppliers, or just passers-by, we aspire to relationships based on mutual respect in all circumstances.

We, L&P, are HONEST and AUTHENTIC, which fully dictates all our actions.

We, L&P, are CREATIVE, in all aspects of the brand.

We, L&P, are INNOVATIVE, in our business model, our approach, and our products.


We are L&P Apparel.
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Be YOU, Be L&P

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