InWear In The Making


InWear’s tailoring is built around modern minimalism. We believe in long-lasting solutions and scrutinize each and every detail before our designs go into production.


To achieve the distinctive and figure-flattering cuts that are a testament to our commitment to craft and excellence in design, each piece is worked on by designers in collaboration with seamstresses and pattern cutters who all bring the same level of devotion to their work, imbuing each and every piece with something of themselves.


We combine the virtuous crafts of construction, tailoring and draping with modern, technological innovation to improve and perfect the garments. Spirit, experience and integrity are key to us, in the making of the perfect InWear fit.

“We believe that clothing should be both chic and comfortable, useful and sophisticated, well-made and beautiful – marrying form and function.”

The Perfect InWear Fit




European fit vs. Suppliers fit - We have in-house pattern making on all categories. This ensures a European fit made for the European market.




Signature fit of InWear - better balance of the garments, better movement and more comfort, even in more body-fitted garments




Continuity in all collections – fit is made in-house, instead being interpreted by every single supplier




Same fit on rerunners – Since fit is based on patterns, the same re-run fit can be achieved at different suppliers. This gives a security to our customers




Adds to the longevity of the product – by having a signature fit, we create well-f itting wardrobe favourites. A good fit also gives less strain on the garments and seams making them last longer


InWear In The Making


Niels Martinsen founded InWear in 1969. Aged 20 at the time, he was the co-owner of one of Copenhagen’s hippest nightclubs, but he had an idea for a fashion label. Niels wanted to dress the women around him – independent, curious and loving life. He bought six rolls of jersey and created a collection of dresses and shirts with his then girlfriend Kirsten Teisner, a talented young fashion designer.


InWear was an overnight fashion sensation, presenting a modern vision of femininity for a generation of women following their own paths. Fifty years later, so much has changed. But the InWear philosophy is forever: creating a wardrobe of pieces that give women freedom, ease and a sense of confidence. At the heart of what we do is the belief that while trends come and go, what the InWear woman is always searching for is the feeling of putting on a pair of black trousers that fit so perfectly they feel like friends.


“I want to create clothes that are relevant, right here, right now, at this moment in time. What I’m really into is this idea of designing for women’s real lives, clothes that women feel good wearing. It’s about being timeless and chic but always with an attitude – a killer detail or something unexpected.”


Jette Romvig, Head of Design


Founded in 1969 in Copenhagen, InWear grew from a wish to give women a wardrobe of clothes that make them feel themselves. It’s about creating uncomplicated contemporary pieces that work for how women dress now, that make the daily business of what to wear a little simpler. We forever come back to the idea that being comfortable is empowering – that confidence is a kind of armour and that nothing says chic quite like feeling good in what you’re wearing. We work mindfully – passionate and practical about design. InWear is proud to be a trustworthy brand that women come back to, synonymous with uncompromising quality and luxury fabrics, designed for living – and the belief that a coat is a friend you want to keep year after year.


InWear’s tailoring is built around modern minimalism, and the beauty and versatility of a well-made suit. We believe in longlasting solutions and scrutinize each and every detail before our designs go into production.


Each piece is worked on by designers in collaboration with seamstresses and pattern cutters, meaning we spend more time sewing and fitting than most other brands do.


The focus is on perfectly precise cuts and quality fabrics. The collection features a fresh approach to 9-to-5–ready suits, as well as reinterpretations of casual off-duty tailoring in slouchy silhouettes and borrowed-from-the-boys cool.



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