Chaos & Order

Chaos-and-Order is the hip clothing brand for kids and women's clothing!

A bit of Chaos and a bit of Order, a bit of both. With children you sometimes have chaos and you make things right again. And even as an adult, there is nothing better than letting go of the reins every now and then and making a bit of chaos. Chaos stands for creativity and with some order you bring structure to the chaos. A nice combination of 2 extremes.

Chaos-and-Order is the children's and women's clothing brand for girls, women and ladies of today. Dress in hip and stylish fashion and feel good about it. It is made for the woman or mother who pays attention to the outside because she also takes care of her inside. Feeling beautiful inside and out. Sometimes you can put on that one piece of clothing that makes you feel good and we want to propagate that with Chaos and Order.

The brand stands for quality with a refined style and natural materials with elastane are used as much as possible. For the girls there are many dresses, skirts, shirts and cardigans in sizes 98/104 to 146/152, all with a narrow fit. The women's line consists of different styles such as jeans, blazers and jackets, dresses, t-shirts and blouses, according to the latest trends.

The company was founded in 2008 by Miranda Smid and in January 2009 the first collection was a fact. With years of purchasing background in clothing and various freelance positions, she has gained a lot of knowledge about quality, design, manufacturers and everything related to the profession.

We are happy to work on the Chaos and Order brand!

We are happy to see you!
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