Bampidano is a Dutch brand with comfortable clothes for boys and girls from 0 - 12 years old. Bampidano is established in 1999 and design is still made in house by Liliane Heijmerink, who succeeds in giving the collections a strong personality by mixing classical basics and creative details.

Next to nice and basic items for new borns, toddlers and kids, you can find items with creative details and trendy designs. The brand works with calm tones that are easy to combine and bright colours for a fresh look. The use of organic cotton is also increasing. With that, Bampidano contributes to a (more) sustainable world. What’s better for the world, is better for your baby and child!

Liliane’s goal is to make every item wearable so that kids can wear these colorful and hip items on every occasion. Moving around and playing in Bampidano is no problem because of the comfy fit. Therefore the slogan: “Wear, Love and Play!”


Bampidano is taking the first steps towards a (more) sustainable collection for our next generation.

Why? Because we want a healthy planet for our children and the next generation.

How? Almost all jersey and sweat fabrics are made from organic cotton yarn with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate. This means that these fabrics contain organic fibres and follow the GOTS standard for social and environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain. It is certified by Control Union. From cotton farmer to fabric spinning mill worker, the working environment is safe and each is given a fair and liveable salary. The organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers. So this is not only better for our planet, but also for our new borns!

How to take care of these items? The best way to take care of these items and the environment is to wash on maximum 30 degrees Celcius. Reduce the number of washings and do not tumble & dry too many times. Use mild detergent and try to avoid using fabric softners.

What’s next? This is only the start. In the next years we will be putting more efforts in making (more) sustainable collections and contribute to decrease the global textile wastage.

Will you be joining us on this journey?

Bindi Leggings
16.99 CAD 5.10 CAD Excl. tax
Cecelia Teddy Coat
54.99 CAD 16.50 CAD Excl. tax
Eloise Dress
34.99 CAD Excl. tax
Fynn Shirt
19.99 CAD Excl. tax
Chase "Traffic" Shirt
20.99 CAD 12.59 CAD Excl. tax
Bella Dress
32.99 CAD 19.79 CAD Excl. tax
Chad Navy Stripe Shirt
19.99 CAD 11.99 CAD Excl. tax
Cira Velour Stripe Skirt
38.99 CAD 23.39 CAD Excl. tax
Baily Pants Free Hugs
16.99 CAD 10.19 CAD Excl. tax
Emmy Dress
39.99 CAD Excl. tax
Eve Leggings - Lime
18.99 CAD Excl. tax
Eliah Shorts
39.99 CAD Excl. tax
Ewan Tee
32.99 CAD Excl. tax
Dina Dress
32.99 CAD Excl. tax
Daantje Legging
17.99 CAD Excl. tax
Diede Pants
22.99 CAD Excl. tax
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